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Szeklerland in Transition. Essays in cultural anthropology
Zoltán A. Biró, József D. Lőrincz (eds.) Pro-Print in association whit the WAC-Center for Regional and Anthropological Research, 1999.

First pages of the book



I Traditional Cultural Patterns
Zoltán A. Biró – Sándor Oláh: Monument – Symbol – Identity
Julianna Bodó: The Ceremonies of the Private Sphere in the Socialist Period
Zoltán A. Biró: Joking Relationships in a Rural Context
József Gagyi: Ecstasy in Fenyőkút

II Seasonal Migration
Sándor Oláh: An Overview of the Pre-History of Migration in Szeklerland
Zoltán A. Biró – Julianna Bodó – József Gagyi – Sándor Oláh – Endre Túros: The Influence of Seasonal Migration on the Szekler Local Community

III The Social and Economic Problems of Transition
Zoltán A. Biró – Julianna Bodó – József Gagyi – Sándor Oláh – Endre Túros: Economic Elite in Szeklerland – 1993
József D. Lőrincz: Letters to the Editor

IV Interethnic Relations
Zoltán A. Biró – Julianna Bodó: Exclusion and Incorporation Techniques in Interethnic Relationships
Zoltán A. Biró – József Gagyi: Romanian-Hungarian Interethnic Relationships in Csíkszereda
Sándor Oláh: Gypsy-Hungarian Relations: A Study about the Gypsy Image of Majority Hungarians Living in Homoródalmás
WAC – Center for Regional and Anthropological Research